Strategic Alliances

In a recent agreement, Paneutec becomes the INAR's official distributor in Europe. All the suite of products of INAR can be purchased directly through Paneutec.

Paneutec Profile
Paneutec, a company born in the summer of 2000, is specialised in the analysis for improvement of industrial plants profitability and production processes reliability, through innovative Measurement, Automation & Process Control technologies.

It is active in the industry segments similar to Chemical, Oil & Gas.

Paneutec proposes applications based on "Soft Computing" techniques, acting as an "End User" with a long term vision would do.

Paneutec avails itself of a group of experts (process and instrumentation, control and statistics professionals) capable of integrating in lean and competent teams, exploiting the modern communication facilities.

Paneutec (from ancient Greek Pan-Eu-Tec, that is All the-Good-Arts) gets nourishment from Universities, exploiting their updated studies and researches (technology transfer).

Paneutec proposes the following innovative application SOLUTIONS and consulting SERVICES:

  • Identification and tuning of control structures and parameters of relevant algorithms. To this aim, it shall use market available tools or its own suite Eutrol+, expressly designed with the support of experts from Industry and University
  • Refining of Functional Requirement Specs, for APC (Advanced Process Control), OPT (Optimisation) and OTS (Operator Training Simulators), Expert Systems (for abnormal situations management and sensor validation), SS (Software Sensors), Automation and Control Systems, and Plant Information Systems.
  • Performance Monitoring, in the broad sense: Control Monitoring, as to Asset Management; Advanced Alert and Alarm schemes - based on statistic algorithms - by monovariate (SPC, Statistical Process Control), and multivariate analysis (PCA, Principal Component Analysis).
  • Knowledge Recovery, known as "Reverse Engineering", in Industrial Plants, through the use of well proven Methodologies and Standards (IEC 61131 & S88, UML & XML).
  • Ad hoc Courses and Seminars, to train task forces, using the project itself - or some of its parts - as a reference.
  • Assistance in Project Management, in particular for evaluations requiring expertise and consequent management of corrective actions.

Paneutec is a multidisciplinary company with a wide range of offering, capable of meeting many different customers' needs, serving End Users, Automation Systems Suppliers and Systems Integrators.


INAR has began to established corporate relationships with Argentinian technology industry leaders to ensure that members of the INAR development ecosystem have access to a completely integrated way of work. Some of the companies that are currently allianced related with us are INVAP (Satellites and Nuclear Power Technologies), Advisers and Broadreach Software.

INAR maintains strong links with the academic environment, especially with the internationally recognized Institute of Electrical Energy of National University of San Juan (UNSJ). By the end of 1999 INAR signed internship agreements with Engineering, Computer Sciences, and Administration faculties of UNSJ.

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