Netbuilder is the perfect solution for GIS data integration. It's enterely designed to view and mantain the information coming from the main public services in urban areas. It can manipulate geographical and non geographical data from Water, Sewer, Electricity, Gas, Cable TV, Telphone networks.
Netbuilder provides a complete suite of tools for helping in the daily work. More

AquaNET is a complete GIS suite specially designed for modelling and management of water distribution networks. AquaNETallows you to have in the same environment the cadastral, existent facilities, proyected facilities, commercial and demand information.
Aditionally AquaNET provides calculation tools to assist you in the common calculations. More ...
Geonik is a powerful component of integration and distribution of information of diverse types. It can manage economic and social variables, land use, resources/ equipment distribution, distribution networks, fiscal collection, survey data and electoral information. More...

Mecca was designed to allow the easy management of measurement campaigns and to calculate the typical load curves of energy and auditing information. It has a complete interface to the management of the large customers in a electrical utility. More...

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