INAR Mecca

  The objective was to develop a tool for the easy management of energy measurement campaigns for large clients in utility companies.
Company Name
  Product commercialized by INAR Technology Solutions
Business Need
  To assist to extensive measurement campaigns iand to determinate the typical load curve for large clients using information provided by data loggers placed in the customers facilities.
  Mecca 1.0 is a development of Inar based on the general guidelines applied to the measurement of load curves and is coincident in everything with the effective procedures in the province of Mendoza. Inar also offers particular and customized versions of the system adapted to the norm and procedures used in other provinces and countries. Mecca maintains unified and auditable database with complete information of clients, points of measurement, registry of measurement, registers and load factors. From this database customized reports can be generated and exported to standard formats of exit like Excel, Access, FoxPro and text. This allows to use tools like MSWord or MS Excel to publish, to print or post-process the data. Mecca is simple to use system with a powerful interface of query to browse the information of the database. It counts with facilities to search and edit the data in the BD. The collected data of the registers are incorporated to the system once and converted to a format opened with the proprietary software of the recorder. Mecca can recognize the formats of exit of several recorders of different mark and model.
  Efficient management of large register databases. Management of the complete data manipulation process.
  MS Visula Basic
MS Access
  Large electrical customers typical curve calculation.

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